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Post your pictures, ratings, and share a trendy location, Divviy app will change the way you plan your days out. Become a Divviyan now. Available FREE on Apple store Out Now.

Follow your Peers

Connect through messaging and following others.

Drop a Pin

Share trendy locations with other Divviyan’s.

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Divviy Locate app is FREE on Apple Store.

Post pictures on the pin

Add pictures and ratings to a pins timeline.

Locate Your Friends

See where the party is and locate friends nearby.
Check out their posts on their recent updates and get
involved. If you see good things, it’s time to join the party.

Share your favourite places.

Become a Divviyan and show the world you’re discovering the most amazing places. People in that area will see your pin and be able to visit there themselves.

This is amazing for people who are new to the area or for tourists.

How can Divviy help
your business?

Divviy locate can provide any type of business with the platform to reach new customers.

Divviy can provide you with a static pin on our map so users in the area will see your pin.

Other users that have visited your business are able to rate, post pictures, comment and direct their friends straight to you.

Why would you purchase a pin?

For your location pin to stay on the map longer than 3 hours.

To keep the remarkable comments and pictures attached to your pin feed.

Creating more exposure for users who are promoting a launch or an event.

Your shop or store is in a hard to reach location and away from the main footfall.

To reach out to thousands more customers, who would never have been aware of your existence until they saw your pin.

Understanding that people travelling from far and wide want to discover new places and you want users to open their map and see what you have to offer.

Your business can go viral with a few good likes and comments.

Happiness is a place,
that Divviy directs you to!

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